About Picquic heritage
The first Picquic multi-bit screwdriver was born in 1984 on the drawing board of founding father A.M. (Mac) McKenzie. 'Mac' was a professional flyer and accordingly, had to rely on his equipment. Because of the poor quality multi tools available during the eighties, Mac decided to design his own. A long tradition of possibly the best multi tools made by Canadian craftsmanship followed.

Picquic's mission is to to provide innovative tools of superior quality, lasting a lifetime, for affordable prices. Through designing and manufacturing our products in-house, we guarantee constant quality, quality control, and delivery on time. Picquic's mission is to provide the best service in the business, supplying the best tools in the toolbox.

At Picquic we are well aware that our business is only as good as our relationship with our clients. Picquic Staff are
continually reminded that the best product in the market deserves dedicated attention to the interests of our customers. Through a policy of rewarding superior performance in client relations, we have established a reputation as the most reliable supplier in our field.

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